At Stone Interiors we have honed our business and stone fabrication skills over numerous years to offer a bespoke service that ensures you have quality product that gives you the polishes, style and effect you wish to create.

Steve McNab, Managing director, is a qualified Joiner, doing his trade and advanced trade in Furniture Making.  Because of this, his attention to detail is impeccable. Having an in-house Geologist also ensures our stone is of the highest quality so that our customers get the best product for their requirements.

With Steve’s passion for the industry, Stone Interiors takes pride in working alongside our residential or commercial clients to create a finished product, whether inexpensive or premium luxury, that exceeds expectations.

At Stone Interiors we stock a comprehensive range of marbles, granites and Engineered Stones, from inexpensive to premium luxury. We work with established manufacturers of stones such as Consentino, Quartz and Silestone to bring you the finest quality.



If you need help deciding exactly which type of stone is right for your home, please call us on 027 562 1515 or visit our showroom. Click here for our address and showroom opening times.