Granite: Azul Aran

Granite: Atlantic

Granite: Atacama Black

Granite: Agatha Black

Granite: Angola Black

Granite: Absolute Black

Granite: Antique Brown

Granite: Volga Blue

Granite: Titanium Gold

Granite: Thunder White

Granite: Steel Grey

Granite: Solarius

As with all our products we recommend the use of chopping boards, pan stands and trivets. In the case of a spill, it should be wiped up as it occurs.

Granite is porous, which is why we seal our granite against the ingress of liquids. It is important to follow a few basic procedures to ensure that your product remains in perfect condition. 
For daily care use warm water or a neutral detergent and dry down with a lint free cloth afterwards. Microfiber or e-cloths are great. 

Highly coloured substances such as beetroot, red wine and curry powder should be wiped up immediately as they can stain. This is more obvious with lighter colours. Plain black has been known to show water marks, which can be difficult to remove, so take particular care with black granite.

Acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon juice should be wiped up immediately as they can etch into the surface.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.